Dual Income - Dual Occupancy - Two Homes under One Title: How A Dual Occupancy Property Could Fund Your Dream Lifestyle

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Dual Income from Dual occupancy properties offer homeowners the opportunity to earn an income from the property in which they live while renting out the other, without moving out.

We are Dual Occupancy property and title specialists. We have all the property research, tips and information that you need to invest in a Dual Occupancy property. You too can make a Dual Income from the home you live in - talk to us today to see if you are ready for your first investment property.

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How does Dual Income from Dual Occupancy work ?

Although dual income properties are typically listed on one title block, there`s more than one front door. The living space is sub divided, often separating walls, plumbing and facilities are additionally installed, so you won`t be getting under each other`s feet.

The most popular methods of creating your Dual Income - Dual Occupancy home on one patch of land are the following dual-occupancy designs:

  • Building a duplex on one large plot. Two separate houses, each with its own outside space, sharing one party wall, with the plot owned by one person.
  • Creating an annex, either separate to the main building or adjoining it.
  • A large family home split into apartments.

This efficient use of making Dual Income from a single property title that is Dual Occupancy has a wide-ranging appeal

For young families, renting out a small annex, while continuing to live in the main family home offers them a way to supplement their income without moving home or taking extra employment.

On the other hand, older couples may choose to downsize and live in the annex, while using the income generated from renting out the main family home to fund their retirement.

Another reason to have two homes under one title is to exploit a property that is not well matched to the area it occupies. For example, in a city centre, two smaller apartments would be easier to let, and offer better rental yield than a larger family home.

So if you are looking for real estate investments in Sydney or Brisbane, a larger property suitable for splitting into dual occupancy offers an impressive way for investors in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide looking for positive returns.

Dual Occupancy is an ideal way of generating income from property investments throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, and is a practice encouraged by Real Estate Online.

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Flexible income & lifestyle benefits of a Dual Occupancy on One Title

One of the reasons dual occupancy investments are so popular is the flexibility they offer;
need to take care of Mum and Dad? No problem, simply move them into the annex.

Don`t like the idea of renting out your property 365 days of the year?
If you happen live in an area with a strong tourism industry presence, converting your large home into a Dual Occupancy title offers you the opportunity for high yeild short term rental.

There are distinct benefits the rental of your dual occupancy home for short-term holiday lets.

Short-term holiday lets offer a much higher yield than regular rental rates, so you can afford to keep your dual occupancy property unoccupied for some of the year.

Child-free couples can start out, living in a smaller annex and renting out the family home, then swap the arrangement around, enjoying more living space if/when a family comes along, and all the while continuing to receive a monthly rental payment.

Real Estate Online can direct you to all the research data on properties ripe for Dual Occupancy

Dual occupancy homes are a pretty attractive option for many. As with any type of investment, there are costs and considerations to think about.

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How Real Estate Online Can Help You Get Started with your Property Investment Portfolio

With so many things to take into account when investing in real estate, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

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